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【Matsuko / Deluxe / Model Press = October 7】 Talent's Matsuko Deluxe is showing that it is undergoing orthodontic treatment on the 7th day variety variety program "Matsuko Conference" (every Saturday at 11:30) confess.

◆ Matsuko Deluxe, in fact it was undergoing orthodontics 歯科インプラント

In the program, live from a high-end dental clinic that makes teeth beautiful with the latest technology. At the opening, "I'm still in the middle, I am doing it from the back of the tooth (from the back of my teeth.) Three years, I confess that I am the dentist as well. Matsuko says "I'm like a surprise unexpectedly", he says he is doing quite a big deal indeed, such as pulling out the back teeth.

◆ Mr. Dean confession

The waiting room where chandeliers are adorned is like a hotel lobby. When you go down the stairs, every room is in the treatment room of a completely private room, celebrities of "the tooth is life". 歯科用インプラント機器

However, inside Matsuko brought to the first place, the doctor who was doing medical treatment. A tie of purple in a pink shirt and a burst of laughter to Mr. Matsuko to the director who nickily hands both hands with pure white teeth. "Mr. teacher, I like it", Masuko unexpectedly confessed, the character full of personality of Mr. Director is revealed.

And, under the director of such a director, "I want to make teeth whitish like baseball player Shinjo players" managers of vintage shops and mothers of Ginza, which spends 1 million yen to whiten, handled a new business " A man who advocates the argument of shining, anyway, celebrities who want to "make teeth beautiful" go. Introducing in the program what kind of treatment they received, along with their price. The latest dental treatment circumstances such as "smile line" and "zirconia" will become clear.



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